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Work Permit
  • Work permits are available for occupations with an annual salary of €30,000 or more.
  • Work permits for jobs with an annual salary below €30,000 will only be considered in exceptional cases
  • Work permits will not be considered for occupations listed as ineligible for work permits - see below
  • The work permit is granted for 2 years initially, and then for a further 3 years. After 5 years you may no longer need a work permit - see 'Renewal of work permits' below.
  • A labour market needs test (see below) is required with all work permit applications
  • Either the employer or employee can apply for the employment permit, based on an offer of employment
  • It will be granted to the employee and will include a statement of the employee's rights and entitlements
  • The employer is prohibited from deducting recruitment expenses from the employee's pay or retaining the employee's personal documents

Once you have been issued with an employment permit you have all the employment rights of Irish or EU citizens for the duration of the employment permit.
Since 1st June 2009 there are new requirements for people who apply for their first work permit in Ireland. These changes DO NOT apply to those who have already been granted a work permit or who apply for a work permit before 1 June 2009. In addition the changes DO NOT apply to Romanian or Bulgarian nationals.

The changes for new work permit applications received on or after 1 June 2009 include:

  • Additional excluded categories: work riders (horse racing), domestic workers and HGV drivers no longer eligible for new applications for work permits - see below
  • No work permits granted for jobs with salary of under €30,000 a year, (may be considered in exceptional cases)
  • Labour market needs test changed to advertising with FÁS/EURES for 8 weeks and in national media for 6 days
  • Spouses and dependants of new employment permit holders no longer exempt from labour markets needs test and fee
  • Increased renewal fees for new work permit holders.