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Green card Permit

The Green Card permit replaces the Working Visa and Working Authorisation which have been discontinued. 

The main features of the Green Card scheme are:

  • The Green Card permit is available for occupations with annual salaries of €60,000 or more.
  • It is also available for a restricted list of occupations with annual salaries of €30,000 to €59,999 in the following sectors of employment: information and communications technology, healthcare, industry, financial services and research - In April 2009 a number of occupations were removed from the healthcare and financial services sectors of the list.
  • There is no requirement for a labour market needs test.
  • The Green Card permit is issued for 2 years and a renewal permit is not required as iti is intended to lead to the granting of long-term residence.
  • Holders of a Green Card permit can have their spouses and families join them immediately.
  • Either the employer or the employee can apply for the employment permit, based on an offer of employment
  • The permit is granted to the employee and includes a statement of the employee's rights and entitlements
  • A copy of the permit is sent to the employer
  • The employer is prohibited from deducting recruitment expenses from the employee's pay or retaining the employee's personal documents

Eligible occupations:

There are 2 categories of eligible occupations as follows:

(1) For jobs with annual salaries of €60,000 or more the Green Card permit is available for all occupations (other than
certain ineligible job categories and those which are contrary to the public interest)

(2) For jobs with annual salaries of €30,000 – €59,999 Green Card applications may be made for the following occupations listed here:

Eligible occupations (annual salary between €30,000 – €59,999)

Economic Sector Occupation Job Titles
Information Technology ICT professional Computer systems managers, Computer analysts, Computer programmers, Computer testers
Healthcare Health professionals Registered nurses, Medical practitioners, Specialist nurses, Pharmacists/Pharmacologists, Dental practitioners
Healthcare Health associate professionals Dieticians, Occupational therapists, Orthoptists, Medical scientists, ECG technicians, Neurophysiological measurement technicians, Cardiac catheterisation technicians, Vascular technicians, Respiratory technicians, GI function technicians, Audiologists, Biochemists, Medical radiographers
Industry Professional engineers and technologists Electrical, Software, Chemical, Design and development, Planning and quality control, Network, Validation, Product development, Process and Equality


Researchers and natural scientists Researchers, Chemists, Natural scientists, Biological scientists, Physicists, Material scientists
Financial Business and financial professionals and associate professionals

Chartered and certified accountants, Actuaries, Management consultants, Business analysts, Risk professionals, Compliance specialists, Risk specialists, Tax experts, Legal experts