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Graduate Scheme

The purpose of this Scheme is to allow legally resident non-EEA third level graduates to remain in Ireland for the purpose of seeking employment and applying for a Green Card or Work Permit.


Who can apply

A non-EEA student who has, on or after 1 January, 2007, acquired a Primary Degree, an Honours Degree, a Higher Diploma – equivalent of an Honours Degree, a Masters Degree, a Post-Graduate Diploma or a Doctorate Degree (i.e. a qualification from level 7 – 10 on the National Framework of Qualifications) from an Irish third level educational institution will be permitted to apply for the Scheme. The student at the time of application must hold a current Certificate of Registration issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau.


How to apply

An application for permission to remain under this Scheme may be made at the applicant’s local Garda Síochána registration office, or, if living in the Dublin area, to the Garda National Immigration Bureau, 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

Documents required when making an application

• An original letter signed by the College Registrar (on the headed paper of the College) stating that the applicant has completed the course of study satisfactorily and the qualification gained.

• Current passport.

• Current Certificate of Registration issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau.


The normal fees for the issuing of Certificates of Registration will apply to this Scheme.


Permission to remain

Persons who qualify under this scheme will be granted one non-renewable extension to their current student permission (Stamp 2) for a six-month period starting on the date upon which the person receives their exam results. The purpose of the permission to remain under this Scheme is to seek employment and gain a Green Card or Work Permit.


A person granted an extension to their permission to remain under this Scheme shall –

• be subject to the terms and conditions of that person’s current student permission during the six month period.

• during the six month period the person shall be allowed to work for up to 40 hours per week without an employment permit.

• not engage in self employment or operate a business in the State.


An extension to permission to remain granted under this Scheme shall automatically expire after a period of 6 months. In circumstances where the person, a holder of a permission under this Scheme, obtains a Green Card or Work Permit that person shall be required to obtain permission to remain under the relevant employment scheme.

At the expiry of the six-month period the person will no longer be legally resident in the State unless he or she is –

• the holder of a Green Card or Work Permit, or

• the holder of a permission to remain for the purpose of pursuing a further course of study, or

• the holder of permission to remain in the State in accordance with another scheme.

A person who is no longer legally resident in the State shall be obliged to remove him or her self